LHSA Veszprem-Szentkirályszabadja MH Bázisrepülötér (= Airbase) Veszprém-Szentkirályszabadja (LHSA) was an old Russian military base, north of the Lake Balaton in Hungary. The nearest city is Veszprém, capital of one of the earliest historical counties of Hungary. The city was favorite of Queen Gisela, the wife of St. Stephen. For centuries, the queens of Hungary were crowned by the bishop of Veszprém. The city is still often called "the city of queens"and can be found a few miles northwest from the airport. The former airbase is existing in ruins, but the runway and some taxiways and buildings are still in private use during air shows and pilot meetings. This is exactly the plan for this scenery: Not a perfect airport, but a place for fun and recreation. You will find copies of the original Soviet tower with working floodlights and searchlights, service center and "Akkumulátortöltö Állomás" (Accumulator refuelling station). Ehemalige sowjetische Militärbasis nordöstlich des Plattensees. Von den russischen Hangars stehen nur mehr Ruinen, doch die Landebahn dient als Ersatzflughafen der ungarischen Luftstreitkräfte und wird gelegentlich auch von Sportfliegern genutzt. Aufwändig rekonstruiert wurde für diese Scenery der russische Tower. Recommended setting in rendering options->stuff to draw: "mega-tons", and following libraries should be installed: OpenSceneryX R2 Library ruscenery If you do not already have the libraries used in this package, you may find download links in the Master Library List:  http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?app=downloads&showtopic=90776
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