LIM1 Flying School Obiettivo Volare Fontanellato is a village in the Italian Region Emilia Romagna, in the valley of the river Po. I chose the airstrip of the flying school because it is not far away from Brescello, which is the Aerocache of this little X- mas scenery of the year 2017. The nearest airport would be Parma. The lowlands of the Po are a flat country and flying there would be boring – if there were not this Aerocache: the village Brescello, which became famous by the Don-Camillo-movies of the year 1952. Brescello was the shooting location of the "little world" of  Don Camillo and Peppone, which made Fernandel alias Don Camillo an international star. The story tells the confrontation of the Communist and the Christian party in the year after WW II. This scenery package includes some of the major buildings of Brescello Downtown: the parish church Santa Maria Nascente, the town hall and some more buildings surrounding Piazza Matteotti. Even the cemetery, the railway station and some more details are included – such as the bronze statue of Don Camillo and the stone monument of Hercules at the Piazza. Most of X-Plane's inappropriate skyscrapers have been removed. Fontanellato is the location of Obiettivo Volare Aero Club. The airstrip has got the ICAO shortcut LIM1 for this purpose  and is not much more than 470 metres in length. For finding the Aerocache, see the instructions included. Libraries needed: 3D_people_library The_Handy_Objects_Library OpenSceneryX R2_Library Dies ist das Weihnachts-Scenery-Package des Jahres 2017. Ort der Handlung ist eigentlich das Dorf Brescello, das in den Fünfziger Jahren durch die Don-Camillo-Verfilmungen berühmt wurde. Ein Stück weiter westlich liegt die Fliegerschule Obiettivo Volare in Fontanellato, die für diesen Zweck die ICAO-Kennung LIM1 erhalten hat. Brescello ist knappe 20 Flugminuten weiter östlich zu finden und das Dorf enthält all die Sehenswürdigkeiten der Don-Camillo-Filme: die Pfarrkirche Santa Maria Nascente, das Rathaus und den kleinen Bahnhof, zusätzlich den Friedhof, die Cafés Don Camillo und Peppone sowie etliche typisch italienische Häuser – ja sogar die Don-Camillo- Statue auf der Piazza Matteotti. Falls die Scenery gefällt: Über eine Spende würden wir uns freuen!
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Threshold fire in Fontanellato Brescello from birds view View to the south Working landing T Caffe Don Camillo è il municipio Brescello Downtown to the west Chiesa di Santa Maria Nascente (and Don Camillo) Railway station/stazione Brescello