LKBA Břeclav (Lundenburg) Břeclav Airfield (LKBA) is located in the north of the town, in an area full of history. A border castle was established there by Duke Břetislav in the 11th century, but several localities were even settled in prehistory. The opening of the railway between Vienna and Brno in 1839 brought industrialisation and population growth (25,000). Alas, the expulsion of Jewish and German speaking inhabitants during and after WW II ended a flourishing multi-cultural period. History of flying here goes back to 1932, Aeroclub Břeclav was establiushed in 1948 and huge activities caused extensions in equipment as hangars and a new office house. Today, L-23 Super Blanik, Grob G-102 Astir, VT-16 Orlik, the EV-97 R EuroStar, Harmony ELSA, Cessna 172 M and Zlin Z-142 fill the hangars. The neighbouring village Ladná, until 1950 Lanštorf or German Rampersdorf, is a municipality (obec) in Břeclav District.with a population of 1,197. It lies approximately 6 kilometres (4 mi) north of Břeclav (Lundenburg). In earlier times Ladná was on the border between Moravia and Lower Austria. Now it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage and Cultural Landscape Lednice-Valtice with a lot of sights in the surrounding. The church of St. Michael Archangel is one among them and the Aerocache of this scenery. You should be able to see it before starting, north of the airport and in the western part of Ladná. Thanks to Ivansmill for the wonderful Czech Zlin Z-526, to Z. Bynek for his livery, flown by the famous Czechoslovak aerobatics pilot Jiři Kobrle, and to all the guys developing the R2 Library with its really Czech looking vegetation used in this scenery! Recommended setting in rendering options->stuff to draw: "mega-tons", but set to "tons" if your fps drop too much! Following libraries should be installed: 3D_people_library The_Handy_Objects_Library OpenSceneryX R2_Library
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Břeclav ist hierzulande besser bekannt unter seinem alten Namen Lundenburg, denn dort verlief in der k&k Zeit die Grenze zwischen NÖ und Mähren. Entsprechend geschichtsträchtig ist diese Stadt. Am nördlichen Rand liegt das Flugfeld, auf dem seit 1932 geflogen wird, und die vielen Aktivitäten des hiesigen Vereins erforderten immer wieder neue Zubauten. Noch ein Stück weiter liegt der Ort Ladná, früher Rampersdorf, wo auch das Aerocache dieser Scenery zu finden ist: die prächtige Kirche zu St. Michael. Falls die Scenery gefällt, würden wir uns über eine Spende freuen!
Flag wood in the background, showing the coat-of-arms of Breclav and Ladná. Well hidden on the X-Plane site: the Zlin 526 The originally re-built buildings are lit at night This scenery's Aerocache: St. Michael in Ladná.
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