LKZN Znojmo Airfield LKZN is a private airfield with a grass runway 08/24 of about 800 metres length, not far north of the Austrian border and south of the city of Znojmo, the former Austrian city Znaim. The historic town centre with its numerous churches, all surrounded by medieval city walls, has preserved its Renaissance look and is full of crooked lanes, romantic views and picturesque nooks and crannies. That's why this scenery includes not only the original airport buildings, but two highlights of the medieval Znaim with the town hall and Wolf Tower as a part of the old fortress. The tower of the town hall has an altitude of 80 metres, so be careful not to ram it on your sightseeing tour! Maybe I'm going to add one or two of those marvellous churches sometimes... The area is covered with ortho photos, including the town centre in ZL 17, the surrounding of the airfield in ZL 18 and the passable part of the airfield in ZL 19. A landing T is showing the active runway, which should be marked by a tower notice too. Anyway, the tower of this little airfield is not operated right around the clock and so this notice might not be correct actually, while the landing T should always show the runway in use. Libraries used: R2_Library ruscenery OpenSceneryX 3D_people_library The_Handy_Objects_Library gt_library
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Die alt-ehrwürdige Stadt Znaim, nicht weit entfernt von Retz, besitzt auch ein kleines, privates Flugfeld, das direkt an der Straße zum Grenzübergang Haugsdorf liegt. Die Scenery glänzt mit hoch auflösenden Ortho-Fotos, die auch die Znaimer Altstadt abdecken … und es wäre keine diego.2115- Scenery, hätte sie nicht auch einige Sehenswürdigkeiten zu bieten: St. Nikolaus, das Rathaus von Znaim, dessen 80 Meter hoher Turm sogar vom Flugfeld aus gut zu sehen ist, und den Wolfsturm der alten Stadbefestigung. Wer weiß … vielleicht kommen demnächst noch weitere Objekte dazu. Falls die Scenery gefällt, würden wir uns über eine Spende freuen!
Znojmo Letistě Znojmo Letistě Znojmo Letistě Znojmo Letistě Znojmo Letistě Znojmo Letistě Znojmo, radničnż vě˛
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