Visit to the Weinviertel This is a collection of landmarks and two imaginary airfields in the northern region of Lower Austria, called "Weinviertel", not far from Vienna. I designed these packages in order to explore this part of Austria, which hasn't got any airports except LOAU/Stockerau. The scenery covers the hilly area between Stockerau and Laa/Thaya with more than 150 individual objects, among them seven castles (Ernstbrunn, Karnabrunn, Grossrussbach, Klement, Laa, Niederleis, Staatz), churches, typical warehouses and farms. The collection contains four scenery packages, which have to be unzipped into the custom scenery folder of your X-Plane (10 or 11). I would recommend to complete the collection by downloading Austrian Landmarks, LOAU and Laa/Ungerndorf airports, made by X-Plane Austria (, but be sure that Austrian Landmarks are arranged lower than LOAE in your scenery_packs.ini. An illustrated documentation (in German!) can be found inside the scenery package. Attention: The fictional grass-airfields LOAE and LOAP are rather short and bumpy, so you should choose adequate aircraft. Although most objects are included, some additional libraries have to be installed: 3D People Library R2_Library ff_library ruscenery The_Handy_Objects_Library world-models_ext-LOD OpenSceneryX If you like the scenery, it would be a pleasure if you invited me for a cup of tea now:
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Imaginary airfield LOAE Ernstbrunn Ernstbrunn Castle
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Karnabrunn Castle and Church Grossrussbach Church, Castle and Academy Klement Castle and Estate Laa Castle Cliff of Staatz