LOAG World Famous Wachau v 2.0 This scenery package does not include any airport! Much more, it completes my scenery package LOAG_Krems- Langenlois, which already includes LOAG airport, Göttweig Abbey and Dürnstein. But the Wachau Cultural Landscape and World Heritage in Lower Austria offers much more, and bringing this to life was the real challenge of this further project.  In this overlay scenery of more than 12 MB  you are going to discover 1-2) the clandestine cathedral of the Wachau in Spitz and Spitz Castle, 3-4) the ruins of Hinterhaus and Aggstein 5) Melk Abbey at the entrance to the Wachau and as a special gift: 6) Saint Martin, the oldest fortified church of the Wachau, and 7) Maria Taferl, already in the Nibelungengau, up the Danube river. Maria Taferl is one of the best known pilgrimage destinations in Austria to which the pope gave the title of a "Basilica minor". 8) Saint Sigismund, another old church made of sandstone in the village Schwallenbach near Aggstein and two castles in the village. New in 1.12.1 are some typical houses in Weissenbach. Documetation and a map of flight are included as Readme. Don't hesitate to explore World Famous Wachau now! Be nice and donate a cup of coffee if you like this scenery! The only library package you need is R2_Library. If you do not already have the library used in this package, you may find download links in the Master Library List:  http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?app=downloads&showtopic=90776 Actual update 21-05-09: Exclude Weitenegg
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Aggstein Hinterhaus near Spitz Maria Taferl Melk Abbey Spitz Parish Church St. Mauritius Weissenkirchen
And a lot of additional objects!
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