LZSL Sliač Sliač is a small spa town located in central Slovakia, on the Hron river, between Banská Bystrica and Zvolen. The town is known for its healing hot springs and for an airport which has been used for military as well as civil purposes. The "Tri Duby (Three Oaks) Airport" played an important role during the Slovak National Uprising in 1944 when it became the most important airport of the Anti-Nazi Resistance in Slovakia. Between September 6 and October 25, 1944, the airport was the main gateways to the rest of the world. In addition to the significant Soviet aid to Slovakia, the United States, too, were sending in supplies and OSS operatives through "Tri Duby", and these flights were also used to evacuate American aeronauts liberated from the German POW camps. The airport changed its name from "Tri Duby" to Sliač in 1945. In 2009, it was closed for a major reconstruction project, financed in part by NATO and the EU. It was reopened for military use in May 2011, and for civilian use in June 2011. Sliač Airport provides services to all civilian air carriers – presently charter flights and flights of general aviation,   currently it operates charter flights to popular sea resort destinations as Bourgas in Bulgaria and Antalya in Turkey. There's a lot of stuff and new objects in this scenery. Be aware of some hangars and other buildings: They are biding! Recommended setting in rendering options->stuff to draw: "mega-tons", and following libraries should be installed: MisterX_Library gt_library 3D_people_library The_Handy_Objects_Library flags_of_the_world R2_Library ruscenery OpenSceneryX If you do not already have the libraries used in this package, you may find download links in the Master Library List:  http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?app=downloads&showtopic=90776
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