NZWL West Melton West Melton in New Zealand represents the private airfield of the Canterbury Aero Club – just five minutes flying time away from Christchurch International Airport where the Club is based. The Aerodrome (NZWL) is wholly owned and operated by the Club and is an ideal environment for ab-initio training, away from the busy environment of Christchurch Airport. Members learning at Christchurch often fly to West Melton during their traning. A modern clubhouse and large hangar cater for member's needs. There are instructors on duty at the weekends and other times on demand. The Club itself was established in 1928 at Wigram airfield (closed now) and has branches at Rangiora and West Melton airfields. Christ the King's is one of the parish churches of the Catholics in Christchurch and it stands as a substitute for the lot of churches in this "most English" city of New Zealand. Since the Cathedral was severely damaged by the earthquakes of 2011, this little church is the Aerocache of this scenery ... and why not a modern one? (The Cardboard Cathedral, replacing the old Cathedral now, would have been too simple!) You can find the Aerocache by flying radial 71 from VOR/DME CH 115.3, about 2.7 nm from the VOR and I would suggest to download also the fantastic NZCH scenery by Chris and Florian (223 MB) via X- Plane server. Royaloaks Canterbury collection should be disabled, if you have it installed. Most objects are included in the package. What you need additionally: 3D_people_library The_Handy_Objects_Library flags_of_the_world OpenSceneryX R2_Library You may find download links in the Master Library List
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